Also that: Cooking chicken in a beer can? Turnouters become world BBQ champions

Kitchen friends Qlinaria from Kempen won the world championship title in the ‘Chicken’ category at the World Barbecue Championship in Torhout, West Flanders. The recipe is very simple: first empty the beer can and fill it with gravy. “The canvas is then placed inside the hollowed-out chicken so that the meat is marinated from the inside. It’s one of the easiest recipes for a delicious chicken,” says Jan Mertens, one of the newly crowned World Grilling Champions: “Anyone can do it, as long as you set up your grill properly.

Hobby chefs Turnhout prevailed against 77 other teams from 21 countries in the world championship. “There was a strong Belgian delegation. Grilling skills are very high in Belgium. But we are normal cooks. No one has a catering company or restaurant. Some of us work in construction, others in the wine trade. I am a self-employed fiber optic technician and ambassador for Westmalle Tripel,” says Jan Mertens.

Campeners from Qlinaria also won the bronze medal in the World Championship in the category where you have to cook dishes from your country on the grill.

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