Alena Gerber: This is her daily beauty and fashion recipe

Alena Gerber
This is her daily recipe for beauty and fashion

Alena Gerber at the Beauty & Fashion VIP lounge during Berlin Fashion Week.

Alena Gerber at the Beauty & Fashion VIP lounge during Berlin Fashion Week.

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At Berlin Fashion Week, Alena Gerber reveals what she thinks about the resurgence of flared pants and how she keeps fit.

Alena Gerber (33) became known as a model, but is now also active as an actress. Her Hollywood filming with John Malkovich recently made headlines – and her role in the cult remake “Manta, Manta 2”. In an interview on the sidelines of Berlin Fashion Week, she reveals what she thinks of the fashion resurgence and what her daily outfit and daily beauty routine look like.

You are at Berlin Fashion Week and invited to the Beauty & Fashion VIP lounge – what are you waiting for?

Alena Gerber: I’m really looking forward to the diversity in the VIP Beauty & Fashion lounge. There really is something for every taste here. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week and be pampered from head to toe.

Do you follow the latest fashion trends privately or do you like to find your own style?

Gerber: I’ve been experimenting with fashion since I was a kid. After all, fashion is also an expression of the zeitgeist and gives us the wonderful opportunity to be loud and shout without saying a word. Fashion inspires me and can also protect me in moments of uncertainty. In general, I always follow my own style and do not allow myself to be further influenced by some fashion trends. Of course I keep up to date and also look in magazines to see what is current. However, I always try to stay true to my style.

Is there a current trend that you wouldn’t wear yourself?

Gerber: Yeah, I’ve been a bit irritated by the sometimes revealing fashion of the younger generation for a long time. I find this whole trend involving high-waisted pants, super-cut tops, and underwear-revealing looks troubling. I also wonder if the “new” trend of bell bottoms should really be followed again. (laughs)

What styles do you feel particularly comfortable in – quite dressy or rather casual?

Gerber: I actually have both in me. There are days when I like to wear jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket – this is also my silver bullet for everyday life. I just love nice jeans with a baggy shirt. Of course, as a model I was taught from a young age: Less is simply more! Add a pair of chic shoes and you’re well dressed for everyday life. In the evening my motto is “Let it rip!”. I like to dress up and dress stylishly.

What does your personal beauty routine look like? What do you use every day?

Gerber: I always wash my face well and I can only pass on this advice to every woman. I have also been using a Regulat Beauty cleansing foam for years. I also use an absolute all-rounder for care: a vitamin C serum. This is also a great tip that unfortunately many women don’t know. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and reduces impurities. At the same time, it helps refine pores and promotes an even complexion.

What is your favorite beauty trick?

Gerber: I think it’s important to specifically promote beauty from within. I think a healthy diet, including micronutrients, is the be-all and end-all for a fresh complexion. The new Regulatpro collagen drink from Dr. I’ve already firmly integrated Niedermaier into my daily routine – it’s also 100% vegetarian, which I think is great. Overall, I think the power of Nutricosmetics is still a bit underrated – but I can really give it to everyone as a little beauty secret.

When it comes to antiaging products, opinions differ. What do you think about it?

Gerber: I’ve been working with dermatologists for my beauty brand for a few years now, and we certainly don’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin with nourishing cosmetics. However, there are ways to start right here with antiaging products. Here too you have to start early enough and not just when it’s almost too late. Especially when we’re young, it’s important to take good care of our skin, because after all, we only have one. You will be very grateful when you grow up if you took enough care of him from the beginning.

Can you figure out the different settings?

Gerber: Yes, absolutely. Personally, though, I can’t really understand when people aren’t ready to eat consciously. For many people, two liters of soft drinks a day is normal and they pass on this self-image to the younger generation without paying attention to what is good for their bodies. We could fight many widespread diseases if there was a different understanding of this in society. This feeling good about your body should actually be a goal for all of us. What you think about anti aging products is of course up to you. But even here much more positive things can be achieved if this topic is dealt with. The same applies here: The key to everything is a healthy diet!

As you know, nutrition is also reflected in the skin. How do you eat every day?

Gerber: I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15 years old. I also don’t drink a single sip of alcohol and I believe this has a positive effect on my skin as well. I start the day relatively healthy every morning, either with a delicious porridge or scrambled eggs. During lunch I like to eat pasta or rice dishes and in the evening we always celebrate the biggest meal in the family. We cook together and we all gather at a table.

What calorie bomb do you ever treat yourself to?

Gerber: I really love the egg. This is the biggest addiction for me. Or frozen yogurt, if you want the lighter version.

You also often show off your athletic figure on Instagram. How do you stay in shape?

Gerber: A few years ago I realized that there really was a lot of truth behind my mother’s preachy line “Every walk makes you skinny.” Until recently we also had a house with many stairs and although I mostly stayed downstairs, I had to walk up and down at least 20 times a day. I also try to walk long distances and avoid driving if possible. In general, I am also a very active person and I like to spend time outside in the fresh air.


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