Anyone who wants to lose weight relies on salads – and they only taste good with a good dressing

My return trip from Berlin to Palma is now imminent, because if you believe the many articles about the conditions at German airports and especially at BER, a real odyssey awaits me. Referring to Homer’s epic, which is more than 2700 years old, it is still an adventure, albeit with many difficulties and challenges.

However, for the journey back to my chosen Mediterranean home, I endured, because whether it’s Mallorca, Israel or Greece, the Mediterranean region regularly lures us all south. In the end, each of us ends up in one of the many Mediterranean countries. Popular this year are said to be Italy, the Balearic Islands, Croatia, Greece and Turkey (a very unusual list!).

You have to prepare well because in Italy you always have to do your best, so la bella figure. And anyone who thinks the collective memory of the wild Instagram party crowd in the Balearic Islands will forgive an ounce of rib fat is wrong. We could continue this list for a long time, one thing is clear: summer is coming and we all want to shed the Corona pounds and get back to the beach figure. I call it ASK22. Summer Body of Action 2022.

Always nice and fresh: at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt.imago

Lots of exercise, good food – this is how you can lose weight safely

Lots of exercise and proper diet are very helpful, but don’t overdo it. You should still be able to enjoy it. Those who torture themselves too much without pleasure and passion often achieve poor results or unpleasant side effects. Either way, it often helps to have a salad before your daily meals. Then eat smaller portions of the main course. This really helps.

Of course, you can also replace whole foods with salad. But be careful: the term “salad” is quite broad. It is said that there are people for whom a salad consists of roasted vegetables, chicken breast and roasted Camembert. Or they think of salami or meat salad. All this is not bad, but today we want to talk about fresh lettuce. There are a lot of them, and with a few tweaks, they’re pretty good. The highlight: the right salad dressing.

So let’s start with the salads. What is it? Oak leaves, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, endive, Lollo Rosso/Bionda, rocket, lamb’s lettuce, radicchio, chicory, spinach … you can work with this. In addition, there are countless watercress and herbs such as watercress, watercress, garden watercress, parsley, tarragon, mushrooms, fennel, coriander, basil and all wild herbs such as corn, dandelion, ground ivy, ground ivy or sorrel . , to name just a few to call. These are all the known varieties; many old varieties are not even considered and you wonder what else is growing around the world. The choice is limitless!

Salads and herbs, there is no limit to your imagination

Personally, I always mix in the crunchiest varieties possible, in my opinion romaine lettuce, spinach and radicchio (I like it a bit tart). Additionally, I always add wild herbs from the garden, mainly hot watercress or watercress and the soft but crunchy mushroom. Finally, some strong accents with fresh herbs. I love dill, tarragon and mushrooms, these just plucked roughly from the stem. Everything, of course, completely fresh! Nuts and seeds, sun-dried tomatoes and so on don’t find their way into my salad because I especially like to eat soft and crunchy greens on their own.

I often just dress the salad with vinegar and oil, but every now and then it can be a nice salad dressing too. Well made, I always have a variation or two in a glass in the fridge. Done right, sauces will keep for a while. And it’s often good salad dressings that make me decide on a salad when I’m already thinking about my next late afternoon lunch.

With a nice salad dressing you can pretty much adjust where the ride should go. Like sailing through Greece as King Odysseus, to Italy la bella figure does or wants to enjoy the light and healthy cuisine of Israel. You decide for yourself what to add to the salad. Currently there are many fresh vegetables and you, my dear readers, will hardly lack ideas! Here are four recipes for you:

When it’s hot and the sun is burning, your body needs something light: Greek farmers salad with olive oil is a good choice here.imago

Nordic salad dressing

Ingredients: 150 ml good rapeseed oil (with nice nuts), 1 tablespoon liquid honey (eg forest honey), 1 tablespoon mustard (medium hot, like Bautzner), fennel (finely chopped), salt and seeds red pepper (unlike normal pepper from the mill) .

Preparation: Mix everything except the dill in a fine vinaigrette. Then add the dill. Mix well and finish. This goes wonderfully with a very fresh and crunchy lettuce. Served with buttered brown bread, cucumber and radish. Ahoy!

French Herb Vinaigrette

Ingredients: 200 ml stock (poultry or vegetable), cornmeal, tarragon vinegar, 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, freshly ground pepper, 1/3 bunch tarragon, 1/3 bunch snails, 1/3 bunch chickpeas.

Preparation: First, boil the liquid and then thicken it with cornstarch. Here you should follow the directions on the starch package. They should have a consistency that rivals a good salad dressing. Then, while the stock is cooling, wash the herbs, then chop the tarragon and the snail and cut the chickpeas into small rolls.

Then mix the remaining ingredients into the thickened liquid. It is best to add everything and then use a blender. Only at the end do we add the herbs and let everything steep again. Voila! This vinaigrette goes wonderfully with a mixed leaf salad with poached eggs, capers and, if you need it, some tuna.

Spanish vinaigrette

Ingredients: 150 ml olive oil, 1 tablespoon mustard (medium hot), 50 ml red wine or sherry vinegar, 2 tablespoons juice from a jar of capers or green olives, 1 tablespoon Pimentón de la Vera (mild), salt and pepper , a little lemon juice.

Preparation: All you have to do is mix these ingredients well, preferably with a hand blender. Then you can adjust the acidity with a little sweetness (sugar, honey, agave syrup). The caper water and pimento make the difference. Here you are very soon in Spain. Oh!

Felix Hanika: Passionate chef and Mallorcan by choice, for whom a pound of butter is everything.Hanika

Apricot Tahini Sauce

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of tahini, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, juice and zest of one lemon, 1 tablespoon of apricot jam, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a little cumin, salt and a little cayenne pepper.

Preparation: Mix everything except the olive oil and mash well. You can also just stir it into a sauce with a fork. It is important not to work in the olive oil all the way through. Because in the process it can quickly become bitter. If your sauce is too thin or bitter, counter it with a little honey or maple syrup and lemon or lime juice.

I have this dressing with a mixed salad of endive, romaine lettuce and lettuce. Nasturtium and Affilla do particularly well here. There is often baked eggplant with yogurt, mint and pomegranate seeds. Enjoy your salad odyssey! You will definitely have a fantastic figure, even in the Tegel lake or anywhere else you want to be admired with your body on the beach during the summer.

Felix Hanika first he was an investment banker, then he did an internship as a chef at the Bareiss Hotel & Restaurant in the Black Forest. For eight years he has been cooking in the best restaurants in the world. He regularly publishes his favorite recipes in the weekend edition of the Berliner Zeitung.

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