Asparagus in thermomix: 3 vegan recipes

You can prepare delicious asparagus dishes especially easily in the Thermomix. We present three vegan recipes, including classic ones, but also completely new ones.

In Germany it is from the end of April to the end of June asparagus time. There are countless ways to prepare the popular vegetable on a stick. Many recipes can be prepared particularly quickly with a Thermomix. We present you with three uncomplicated and delicious dishes for asparagus in the Thermomix, which are also completely vegan.

  • Pasta with avocado herb pesto, green asparagus and vegan parmesan: You can easily prepare pesto and parmesan in the Thermomix. And the rest is also very fast.
  • Asparagus and potato salad with lentils: This Thermomix recipe with asparagus is something for warm summer days. You can eat the salad lukewarm or cold as a main course. It is also very suitable for a barbecue evening.
  • Asparagus with potatoes and vegan hollandaise sauce: You can also prepare the classic between asparagus dishes in the Thermomix – even with a vegan version of Hollandaise sauce.

When buying ingredients, make sure they are seasonal and local. During the asparagus season, you have the opportunity to buy asparagus from local farms at the weekly market. Many farmers also sell their asparagus directly to them farm shops. If you buy regionally, you get particularly fresh goods and save on CO2 emissions through shorter transport routes. Some foods are not available in the region or only to a very limited extent, such as avocadoor ecologically not very sustainable for other reasons, for example pine nuts. So you should use these ingredients only rarely, and if possible always inside Fair trade– Buy quality.

In addition, you should prefer organic quality foods in order to organic farming to support. It works more on saving resources and being environmentally friendly than it is conventional agriculture, because it does not use any synthetic chemical pesticides, for example. We can especially recommend organic products with the e seal demeter, natural soil AND organic soil.

Pasta with avocado herb pesto, green asparagus and parmesan

Pasta with avocado herb pesto, green asparagus and parmesan

  • Preparation: about 25 minutes
  • Cooking/baking time: about 20 minutes
  • The crowd: 3 servings