Build a cooking box and save up to 30 percent energy

  1. Line the shipping carton with foil.
  2. Then insert the pot.
  3. Fill the gaps between the pot and the box with another rescue blanket.
  4. Close the lid of the box.

Disadvantage: With the simple cooking box, heat loss is higher than with a more durable variant. Unlike the version below, the food should be cooked a little longer on the stove.

Build a stronger cooking box

For the most energy efficient cooktop you will need:

The most durable cooking box is built in almost the same way as the simple one.

  • Spread the glue evenly on the inside walls of the wooden box.
  • Then line them with foil.
  • Spread the packing material on the bottom of the box.
  • Now place the hot pot inside.
  • Then fill the box with packing material.
  • Close the cooking box.

Professional cooking box

Cooking boxes that are completely filled with Styrofoam on the inside are particularly energy-efficient. However, often only one selected pot can be used for these. Because this serves as a cutting template for the openings in the insulating material.

Cooking pot: Models whose contents are precisely adapted to the pot are particularly effective.
Cooking pot: Models whose contents are precisely adapted to the pot are particularly effective. (Source: Michaela Knieli, Die Umweltberatung)

Cooking box: Cooking time of different dishes

Since the dishes are no longer cooked completely on the stove, their preparation time varies. This list shows how to prepare common foods using the crock pot:


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Cooking times depend on both the amount of food and the size of the individual ingredients. Whole potatoes last longer than chopped ones. A large roast beef takes longer to cook than a tender chicken breast. And: The longer the pre-cooking time, the shorter the cooking time in the cooker.

When using the cooking pot, you must keep in mind that the contents of the pot must be completely covered with liquid. The pot should also be at least two-thirds full.

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