“Just the Bells 10”: TikTok star Heather cooks for 10

TikTok: How to cook for 8 children

Apart from fun trends, hot creators and dance videos, TikTok also has family content from time to time. Like the Bell family: An American family of 10 made famous by mother Heather’s cooking videos. Here are her best recipes.

7 out of 8 children in the family are adopted

What is special about the Bells is not only that the family is quite large, but the parents adopted seven of the eight children. At first they thought they would not be able to have biological children. They lived with their children on a farm in Marquette, Michigan for a long time. Most of the children have now grown up and moved out.

Just the Bells 10 has been on TikTok since 2020

Heather started making videos about her family on TikTok in April 2020. Her page Just the Bells 10 quickly gained momentum as Joshua and other children began sharing their adoption stories. They now have over 2.5 million followers on the platform and entertain their followers with recipes and stories about the extended family.

Here, Heather cooks up skillet mac and cheese for the whole family. Calorie watchers should listen up now. It’s dripping with cream cheese and mac and cheese sausage.

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Queen of the Kitchen: Heather cooks diligently

When Heather is in the kitchen, there is usually a lot to do. If you have to cook for ten people, you will be in the kitchen for a long time. Heather’s fans are amazed by her zest for life and her motivation to cook for so many people. This time it’s chicken alfredo sliders. These are sandwiches filled with chicken and pasta in a creamy sauce, cheese, salami and butter. Beautiful American!

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Cinnamon rolls with cheese and meat for breakfast

Bells cuisine is quite hearty and American. In this TikTok, mom Heather shares her recipe for cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Their specialty: They are not only made with cinnamon and sugar, but also with minced meat, cheese and ham. Does it taste good?

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How to Make Just the Bells 10 Cookies

When Heather bakes cookies, she ends up looking like the entire contents of a Subway cookie rack because she’s cooking for nine other people. Her white chocolate macadamia nut cookies look especially good. In addition to nuts and white chocolate, Heather has another secret ingredient: instant jello pudding mix. Her TikTok has the whole recipe.

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