Old Fashioned Slush: Classic with an icy twist

Updated: 06.09.2022 – 19:18

Cold pleasure
One Shot Ice Cream: Old Fashioned Slush

No Ordinary Cocktail: Old Fashioned Slush.

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No Ordinary Cocktail: Old Fashioned Slush.

The Old Fashioned is known as one of the oldest cocktails. Enjoy this sophisticated twist with some ice – Old Fashioned Slush!

Ingredients for 2 cups:

  • 1 orange
  • 45 ml of bourbon
  • 15 ml of orange juice
  • 15 ml bitter liqueur
  • 140 g ice cubes
  • Amarena cherries (for garnish)

And so it was done

  1. Cut the oranges and cut them in half. Blend the bourbon, orange juice, bitters, 4 orange slices, and ice cubes in a high-speed blender to form a slurry.
  2. Old Fashioned Slush is best served in chilled glasses. Garnish with halved orange slices and an amarena cherry. Finished!

Whiskey cocktails are appreciated by true connoisseurs, although they often like to overshadow mixed drinks with rum, gin and co. A sophisticated twist on the Old Fashioned, our Old Fashioned Slush is the perfect way to wind down after a long day thanks to its ice content. Fortunately, we have more mood makers in our collection of whiskey-based cocktails. The following drinks are also all for your enjoyment:

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