Orange sauce: fruit salad recipe

Orange dressing gives salads a fresh fruity note. We present you a simple and aromatic recipe that you can use in many ways.

Salads taste even better with a fruity orange dressing. Orange clothing is ideal for special moments of pleasure.

It is best to buy oranges when they are in peak season in European growing areas to minimize CO2 emissions from transport. From November to March you can get oranges mainly from Italy and Spain.

Also, if possible, make sure the oranges and other ingredients are gone organic farming come on Organic cultivation excludes the use of synthetic chemicals harmful to the environment PESTICIDES. We can especially recommend the organic seal of demeter, organic soil AND natural soilas they set stricter criteria than the EU organic seal.

Make your own orange dressing: a simple recipe

You only need a few ingredients for orange dressing.
You only need a few ingredients for orange dressing.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / SofiLayla)

orange sauce

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • The crowd: 4 servings