Recipe “Lemon Chicken with Mushrooms and Carrots” | – Guide

Ingredients for the chicken:

Clean the chicken (from a species-appropriate farm if possible) and cut into pieces. To do this, separate the sticks and arms from the body. Cut the legs in half at the joints. Cut the body in half lengthwise. Divide the boned breast area again into 3-4 parts. Divide the other area as well.

If you don’t want to use ready-made broth, you can perfectly use the body part with a little meat to prepare a fresh broth. To do this, put the soup vegetables, onions and chicken pieces in a pot and add some herbs and spices. Pour in the water until the ingredients are covered. Bring everything to a boil, then lower the heat and cover the pan. Let the broth simmer for at least 1.5 hours.

For the lemon chicken, heat the olive oil in a pan, brown the remaining chicken on all sides and season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, peel and halve the shallots. Halve the new garlic too. Alternatively, use 4 cloves of garlic. Peel the ginger and cut into thin slices. Clean the tomatoes and cut the meat into slices. Wash the lemons well and cut them into four parts.

Sweat the shallots, garlic and ginger, then add the stock. The chicken pieces should be about two-thirds submerged in the liquid. Add the lemons and season with chili and a little salt and pepper. Lower the heat and cover the pot. Boil the chicken for about 45 minutes. After about 30 minutes, add the tomatoes.

Clean and cut the mushrooms. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the mushrooms in it. Reduce the heat slightly and cook the mushrooms until they are done. In the last minutes, add a little salt and sugar. Add the mushrooms to the chicken just before serving.

Ingredients for carrots:

For the side dish, peel the carrots and cut them into chunks or slices. Boil in a little salted water for a few minutes. The carrots should still be al dente. Drain and quench with cold water.

Heat the clarified butter in a pan and fry the carrots in it. Adjust them with a little salt, pepper and sugar.

Place the chicken pieces on plates with the sauce and mushrooms and serve with the carrots. Baguette, potatoes and other side dishes can be served according to taste.

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Two types of goat burgers served on one plate.  © NDR/megaherz GmbH
A dish of chicken and beans in a curry sauce.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann
Two chicken meatballs on mashed potatoes and parsley.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann
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Venison meatballs with apple compote served on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Frank von Wieding
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