Sometimes you just have to let yourself go

There is strength in stillness – there is no new wisdom. For someone who likes to get things done in a quick, fuss-free way, not necessarily the easiest way to think. Every now and then I have to force myself to let my soul hang. I like to go to Oldenburg on my days off when the weekly market opens at Lamberti Church. Note: I am driving alone. Not only because I have an instinctive urge for some silly freedom, but also because ex-partners now feel they can’t make appointments… “You’re getting away with it – I don’t want to run after you!”

So problem identified, solution in hand: Today I’m treating myself to a really nice day off in Oldenburg – no tension, stress or pressure. And if I stay until the evening!

You won’t get anything for free when you search for a parking space

And so this Saturday morning – I threw the free breakfast, then you won’t have a parking space – go up the A 29 towards Oldenburg-Hafen. In the Festungsgraben you can choose one of the 70 free parking spaces. Good thing I kept the croissant at home – me old fox!

9:57 am. On the way to the city center, take a quick stroll through the castle courtyards, which are just opening their doors. I’d like to take a quick stroll through the electronics store in the basement. As a Nintendo Game Boy kid since the beginning, I flirt with bringing home the red-hatted Super Mario plumber. Oh come on, you might as well look there on the way back. Better move on before Leffers gets so full afterwards.

In the Rathausmarkt I enjoy the early autumn sun among the stalls and stalls. I am considering taking monkfish and some fresh chanterelles with me to make a nice evening meal. What sauce goes with it? white wine mustard? I prefer to do my rounds first and think of a recipe. At the jeweler only a fixed lunge. My future dream watch – “Unfortunately viewing only, but you are on the waiting list”. Fast forward to Leffers.

“Rioja, Piedmontese nougat pralines and Ibizan potatoes with fleur de sel – the staples would already be in the bags.”Heiko Bosse

Still impressed by the vocal power of the Chilean singers outside the door, I leave the escalator for 3 seconds before climbing the next one myself. Really slow thing. “Actually, you don’t need anything”, I think and make a tour of alibis in the world of jackets.

Having reclaimed the open sky above my shining head, I deftly make my way to the Käse Friese: Rioja, Piedmontese praline nougat and Ibizan potato chips with fleur de sel – the mains already piled up.

The delicious soft serve ice cream will have to wait until next Saturday

Now, what about the monkfish? The sauce question wobbles. And I have to shop in Cloppenburg anyway. Already half past five. Then someone grabs my last corn chicken in Edeka. So it would be kind of foolhardy to look for my digital plumbing friend right now. So: “It’s me, Mario! Let’s go!”

I would have liked to treat myself to a soft serve ice cream on the way back through the yards, but I know how full the supermarket is at home afterwards. You’ll be back next Saturday – nothing’s holding you back!

Just before eleven I returned to the car. Seven other parking spaces are now occupied. I undo the top button of my shirt because I’m too warm from the walk and treat myself to the first chocolate nougat out of town. Wonderful – sometimes you just have to treat yourself to such a relaxed Saturday.

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