These dishes from Anne Fleck make you feel more vital with every bite

Vegan. Vegan. Vegan. It’s all about plant-based food — and even Anne Fleck, aka Doc Fleck, is jumping on the bandwagon with her new cookbook. Hardly Healthier, which she co-wrote with Bettina Matthaei, offers basic vegan recipes that can optionally be served with mini-portions of meat and fish. The promise: Every bite brings a little more vitality.

Green is healthy. This was already known before the spread of vegetarianism and now also veganism, after all, the philosopher Pythagoras and the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci would have eaten plant-based, the preventive and nutritional doctor knows. But a vegan diet is not always healthier than one with meat and sausage. Not every product labeled as vegan is good for the body – key word: additives. “You don’t have to put up with what’s presented as healthy and vegan in colorful marketing promises in the long run,” explains Fleck. Instead, the diet should consist of raw, fresh foods, lots of vegetables, and attention to any nutrient deficiencies.

That’s how healthy pleasure goes according to Anne Fleck

So what does the perfect plant-based dish look like? According to Doc Fleck, ideally half of it should consist of filling vegetables, salads and low-sugar fruits. Necessary amounts of protein come from nuts, seeds, legumes and omega-3 fats. And it should taste good. Her secret desire was therefore to make a book full of recipes that would taste as good “as Obelix would do without his daily portion of wild boar”. So dishes like courgette spirals with fried cherry tomatoes and feta, shakshuka with lentils, tomatoes and cashew eggs or a bowl of brussels sprouts, sweet potato wedges, mushrooms and beetroot. In addition to small and main dishes, the book also includes salads and soups, bowls, spreads and desserts. But also glow sticks and balls for between meals.

Four recipes from “It’s not healthy anymore“We present you in the photo gallery above.

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