With these 4 habits of grandma and grandpa you save money every day

At the moment, price increases and inflation are being talked about and discussed everywhere. The gas tariff doubles and triples energy prices for many, while supermarket groceries are also more expensive than a year ago. That’s why everyone is trying to change their habits to save. I asked my grandparents what advice they have for the best way money to SAVE MONEY.

Save money with advice from grandma and grandpa

My grandparents grew up after World War II, which means they had to be very frugal growing up. Of course, conditions have changed since 1940, but they have some of these customs have been preserved to this day. Here are 4 tips and tricks on how you can save money with little change.

How to save properly with advice from grandparents. Photo: Hinterhaus Productions via Getty

1. The lights turn off when you are not in the room

A small way to save money is to turn off the lights. Even before the energy crisis, grandma always told us that we Turn off the lights when we are not in the room. Even the US Department of Energy agrees with my grandmother, because incandescent bulbs are the least efficient type of lighting. The lights are now also going out across Germany because the Energy Saving Ordinance came into effect on September 1st. In this it is said, among other things, that Monuments and buildings are no longer illuminated at night allowed to.

2. To cook for yourself and avoid ordering

Who doesn’t know this, you’ve had a long day at work, you come home hungry and you just don’t feel like cooking. Ordering food is certainly the most convenient and easiest way – but it’s also expensive! That’s why my grandmother says it’s better to cook yourself. Not only can you save money, but you can also eat healthier!

i will take you one day a week to pick a few recipes and cook them. You can eat them in the evening or just take them to work. After all, going out to lunch every day costs money in the long run.

Watch a video of British chef Gordon Ramsay showing you some quick dishes here.

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3. Save money by saving scraps instead of throwing them away

Then, if you cooked yourself a delicious dish, but it was too much, you have to eat it definitely don’t throw it away, but keep it and eat it again the next day. This way you can save money directly because you don’t have to cook a new dish the next day. If you don’t feel like eating the same dish again, you can easily improved. For example, if you made some vegetables, the next day you can reheat them in the oven topped with cheese, or puree them to make a soup.

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4. Shopping once a week saves money

Once a week my grandmother sends my grandfather shopping to get all the things they both need for the next week. My grandmother’s advice? Always have a small pad and pen ready in the kitchen, so you can write directly if you need something. This way you don’t forget anything until your shopping day and therefore can’t make any impulse purchases. A weekly shop saves money in that you only buy what you need.

A little tip: It’s best not to shop when you’re hungry. Because it makes you buy things you don’t really need. This way you can also save some money.

Bottom line: Small steps make a big difference

Of course, saving money always depends on your salary. Of course, if you’re just making ends meet, you can’t set aside hundreds of euros. These savings tips are great for that, because you need to really not giving up anything – except maybe for ordering food.

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