With these 5 instant tricks you save electricity forever

Electricity crisis, gas crisis and inflation: everyday life is becoming more and more expensive. Saving electricity is not only worthwhile financially, but also protects the environment. With our five tips, you can save electricity immediately and permanently with minimal effort.

Some would like to use less gas to make Germany’s energy supply more independent, others would like to contribute to climate protection and others simply need to save electricity because otherwise they would no longer be able to pay the costs. high energy. (Also read: Energy expert: ‘Electricity price set to explode’ – what you can do about it)

Saving electricity at home is very easy

It doesn’t matter if you’re an energy-saving pro or a novice – with our five tips, you can take a short tour of your home save electricity immediately. The effort is minimal, because saving energy at home is easier than many people think at first.

1. Pull the plug

A simple but effective trick: Unplug all devices you are not currently using. Standby mode is one of the most unnecessary and at the same time one of the most expensive energy devices in the home. Therefore: Walk around your apartment and check which devices are plugged in. Kettle, television, radio and electric toothbrush – you will definitely find one or the other device that you can unplug. To make the process more convenient for you in the long run, you can place a plug with an on/off switch between the plug and the device.

The newer your electrical appliances are, the less electricity they consume in standby mode – but every kilowatt hour is still a lot. To put it in numbers: a family of three pays around 100 euros in electricity costs every year just because of standby mode.

2. Fill the tank correctly

Next stop, the kitchen. You can save energy while cooking and check if a more energy-efficient stove or refrigerator is worth it. But with this simple trick you immediately save electricity: fill the kettle with only as much water as you need!

If you heat more water in the boiler than you need, it increases energy demand (and CO2 emissions). To put it in numbers: a liter of unused water per day costs up to ten euros per year. You can easily get rid of this with the following trick. First fill the required water in the cup or pot and only then in the kettle. So you cook exactly the amount you need.

Do not fill the kettle to the brim if you only need one cup of tea.
Do not fill the kettle to the brim if you only need one cup of tea. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Abbat1)

Also important when it comes to saving energy: an efficient kettle that stops as soon as the water boils. We’ve already put together recommended plastic-free bins for a potential new purchase. Also don’t forget to clean your kettle regularly.

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3. Reset the washing machine

Go to the bathroom: There are some tips to save electricity with your washing machine right away:

  • Wash only when fully loaded car it is.
  • wash yours Wash at 30 degrees Celsius, this is sufficient for light pollution and saves a lot of energy because the water does not have to be heated as much. Expressed in numbers: With a washing temperature of 30 °C instead of 60 °C, only a third of the electricity is used and you can save around 40 euros per year.
  • use this Eco program of the washing machine. This takes more time but saves energy because it uses less water and a lower temperature.
  • The laundry is coming outside to dry instead of the dryer.

4. Use a laptop instead of a PC

Whether at the kitchen table or in your office: Working from home has become an integral part of our daily work. To not only work efficiently in your home office, but also save as much energy as possible: use one laptop instead of a computer. On average, a notebook uses only a quarter of the electricity of a standard computer.

Another quick tip: turn off the laptop not in sleep mode, but close it completely. Also unplug the device when your work day is over. Also useful: 10 tips to help your laptop battery last longer

5. Say goodnight WiFi

One last tip for saving energy so you can go to bed with peace of mind. You can also give the WLAN router a night’s sleep; after all, you don’t need internet while you’re sleeping. Or activate one time or even better: you draw just before bed outlet of the router.

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Important: You should keep in mind that the landline will no longer work without a router. If you still have a landline and want to be available there overnight in case of an emergency, the router must remain operational.

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