Buying bulbs: How to recognize freshness and quality

Updated: 09/09/2022 – 16:11

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Buying bulbs: How to recognize freshness and quality

Simple and easy gourmet cooking for the home: Fresh lancets taste fantastic

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Simple and easy gourmet cooking for the home: Fresh lancets taste fantastic

Eating rotten mushrooms can make you sick. This is how you can tell when buying scales if they are really fresh and worth the money.

Chanterelles are a delicacy. And now, in the middle of the season, wild mushrooms are on sale everywhere. However, freshness and quality are the be-all and end-all of mushroom cuisine. Reason enough to pay attention to some features when buying lamps. Because chanterelles from supermarkets, discount stores and greens are often not fresh. Unfortunately, this also applies to goods from the weekly market. But thanks to our guide, you’ll be prepared for your next purchase and know the freshness and quality of bulbs like a pro.

1. Purchase of canters: origin

Most of the lamps we offer come from Eastern Europe. Collecting, sorting, packing and transporting mushrooms takes time, sometimes several days. Therefore, the mushrooms cannot be fresher and therefore do not taste good. It is also possible that pathogenic microorganisms have already become comfortable in or on a fungus. So better buy local chanterelles.

And with these recipes, they then put fresh chanterelles in the spotlight. For example, there is no wrong time for a quick and creamy omelet. We enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Another recipe for mushroom lovers is of course the aromatic pizza with scallions and bacon. It creates Italian moments in our lives. We also spoiled ourselves and others with fluffy potato dumplings with chanterelles and a bacon rocket salad. They taste good enough to die for. Another treat for the palate and the eyes is a vegetarian quiche with sour cream and mountain cheese. Such a hearty and hearty meal reminds us of a holiday in the mountains. After the walk, a quiche like this was and is simply amazing.

2. The smell and sight of chanterelles

Fresh lances have an earthy smell, shine golden yellow and look juicy and plump. Their flesh is firm and colorless. In addition, they do not have soft or even dry spots. Also not over or under the cute little hat or its edges. If you see small grains of sand or bits of dirt, that’s fine. And if the price is right, we would definitely buy it. But what is it really like: Is there a fantastic deal on super fresh mushrooms, can I then freeze the fresh mushrooms?

Do you want a variety in the chanterelle kitchen? There are many ways to combine the little guys. Browse our gallery and let yourself be inspired:

DANGER: If you discover moldy or rotten spots on the cans, report this to the sales staff. These damaged areas can make you sick. Common symptoms include diarrhea, dizziness, stomach pain and vomiting. Yes, it’s true: mushroom poisoning can be fatal.

3. Buy chanterelles – foil-wrapped or loose?

Fresh mushrooms are delicate, they don’t like crowding. If they are close together, they usually react with pressure points. Unwanted microorganisms can then penetrate through them. This fact alone speaks for the purchase of loose bulbs.

Another reason is environmentally unfriendly plastic films: condensation can form on the packaging. The result: the mushrooms become moist, slippery and mold begins to grow. No one wants or should eat this. In addition, your field of view is limited by a sheet of metal. So you cannot examine all goods.

We have more delicious recipes for scarf season. Especially the farfalle with chicken curry sauce and chanterelles and the cream cheese spread with chanterelles and three types of cheese are currently on the table. And when neighbors or friends visit us, they are always happy about the wholesome garlic bruschetta with scallions and fried scallions on toasted raclette bread. As you can see, bulbs are delicious and versatile in the kitchen. Whether fried, grilled or steamed: more autumn flavors are not possible.

Many gourmets even pick their own mushrooms. You can’t buy fresher goods. However, picking mushrooms is not harmless fun, the enjoyment of some of these fellows can even end up deadly. Always remember. In our video, we show you what you should consider when choosing mushrooms:

When in doubt, it’s best to leave a mushroom where it is, because poisonous mushrooms can spoil everything else in the basket.

And after collecting mushrooms, you can contact one advice on mushrooms come back There, you can usually display collected specimens free of charge. Because many mushrooms have doubles. Or harbor the eggs of a fox striper inside. You can find even more facts, hints, tips and recipes on the lamp topics page.

4. Our advice

Buy fresh, loose local chanterelles. Process the bulbs as soon as possible. Same day best. Until then, store them on paper towels in the refrigerator without cleaning them.


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