Chickpea Avocado Salad: High Protein Recipe for Spring

A chickpea and avocado salad goes well with spring. It provides you with plant protein, healthy fats and a large portion of fresh seasonal vegetables. We present you a vegan recipe.

Spring brings an abundance of fresh local vegetables. These include radishes, spring onions and spinach. They look especially good in a nutritious and quick salad with chickpeas and avocado.

chickpeas you provide an additional portion of vegetable protein and avocado contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also many unsaturated fatty acids. Avocados are considered a superfood – already an avocado a week can reduce the risk of heart attack.

However, you should not eat avocados in large quantities. Drupa is associated with a poor ecological balance, which is partly due to high water consumption in cultivation and long transport routes. You can read more about the problem here: Avocado – the healthy superfood (with a really bad ecological balance).

Recipe: This is how to prepare the salad with chickpeas and avocado

Avocados are very healthy, but not particularly environmentally friendly.
Avocados are very healthy, but not particularly environmentally friendly.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / stux)

Therefore it is better to buy avocados only as an exception and for special dishes – such as this salad with chickpeas and avocado. We also recommend that avocados and other ingredients are organic if possible. of organic farming distributed by chemical-synthetic PESTICIDESwhich can be harmful to the environment and health.

Salad with chickpeas and avocado

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • Rest time: about 30 minutes
  • The crowd: 2 portions