Lunch for children: delicious recipes

lunch for children
Quick recipes for the whole family

lunch for children

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Lunch for kids better be quick and easy. We have collected recipes that are suitable for everyday use that are guaranteed to taste good for the whole family.

Every day the same question: “What should I cook for lunch?”. Especially the recipes for lunch for children Finding something that both kids and adults like can be quite a challenge. We make it easier for you to choose and reveal our favorite recipes for kids that the whole family will enjoy.

An announcement: All of our recipes are listed for 1-2 servings so you can adjust them to fit your family size.

What can I cook for the children?

When cooking for children, two things are especially important: It should be balanced and taste good for little ones. At best this includes lunch for the children lots of fresh vegetables or there is something extra fruit or a small salad. At first glance, this does not sound like the most familiar recipe to many children, but if you design the dishes in an attractive way with colors and then integrate your child’s favorite ingredient, nothing can go wrong.

We give you some examples of recipes:

  • Pasta with tomato sauce it can be wonderfully created from fresh tomatoes and basil.
  • pancakes delicious taste in combination with fresh fruit and yogurt.
  • to Meatballs or fish fingers can a small salad peppers with sliced ​​carrot hearts.
  • IN Mashed potatoes or pasta casserole it can be great Peas or small pieces of carrot mixed

Lunch for children: Simple and healthy recipes

All the recipes you will find here are quick to prepare, suitable for everyday use and full of healthy ingredients. Enjoy your meal!

Vegetarian dishes for children

It doesn’t always have to be meat, so we have a selection of quick recipes for you here Children’s lunch without meat compiled. Vegetarian cuisine offers a lot of variety and, above all, many fresh variations with vegetables.

The fastest lunch for kids

Although all of our recipes are quick and easy to make, we’ve kicked it up a notch with the recipes below. All recipes are prepared in less than 20 minutes – promised!

dessert for children

Sometimes it just has to be sweet and of course it is allowed. Our sweet dessert recipes for kids are sure to make children’s eyes widen. Best of all, the sweet recipes are healthy and as healthy as possible.

Tips for cooking lunch for children

Now you have enough recipe inspiration for delicious lunches for kids. So that nothing goes wrong during the implementation and you save some work and stress, we have collected some tips for you:

  • List of favorite recipes: Together with the family, make a list of what dishes you like and what you like to prepare. You can do this digitally or on a piece of paper and then save convenient recipes or compile them into a recipe book.
  • Make plans: Once you’ve decided what you like, you can make weekly or monthly plans about which dishes should be cooked on which day. This makes everyday life easier for you, creates an overview and purchases can be planned in a targeted way.
  • Include children: You can involve your children not only in choosing their favorite recipes, but also in the preparation, shopping and cooking. Especially for kids who don’t like to eat or are very fussy, this can help them get excited about food in a playful way.
  • Cook together: By cooking together, children can get to know different foods, taste them, and then usually feel more like eating the home-made dish.
  • To try something new: If you feel like a change, you can gather new ideas together and decide whether to include it in your recipe list.
  • Cook double the amount: Some dishes can be cooked in bulk and then frozen. This saves you time and you always have something to hand if you don’t feel like cooking from scratch. Soups, stews and sauces are especially suitable for this.
  • Fry the leftovers: With children, it is often difficult to estimate the right amount for food. But that’s not a problem at all: just cook double the amount of side dishes like potatoes, pasta or rice and fry them the next day with some fresh vegetables or make a casserole out of them.
  • The eye eats with: Many children love smiling hearts or little faces on their plate. How about, for example, fries in the shape of a star or a face made of sausage, peas and carrots? Carrots are also great for cutting into thin carrot spaghetti or fun shapes.

Want to get your kids involved in cooking? You can find valuable tips in our article on cooking with children.


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