Mustard Dressing: A vegan recipe without honey

A mustard dressing goes well with salads and fresh leafy greens. Unlike a classic honey mustard dressing, this recipe contains no animal products. We will show you how easy it is to prepare it yourself.

This mustard dressing gives your salad a spicy flavor. It also goes well with fresh leafy greens and raw vegetables in salads. Unlike one Honey mustard sauce simple mustard sauce is refined only with plant-based sweeteners. That is why it is for one vegan diet suitable.

Mustard not only tastes great in dishes and salads, but is also used as a Home remedies for heartburn applied. By the way you can Plant your own mustard too and crops. Then you can Make your own mustard.

When buying your products, be careful biological quality. Food with an organic seal in us demeter, natural soil or organic soil are free from chemical-synthetics PESTICIDES and thus protect the environment and health. Also, buy locally grown produce when possible. This way you support local agriculture and avoid high costs CO2 emissions due to long transport routes.

Mustard sauce: How to prepare it

Mustard gives the sauce a spicy kick.
Mustard gives the sauce a spicy kick.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / fuji01)

Spicy mustard sauce

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • The crowd: 1 portion(s)