Mustard Pickles: Simple Pickle Recipe


Mustard Pickles: Simple Pickle Recipe

By Aline Neissner

When pickling mustard cucumbers, it doesn’t really matter which type of cucumber you use. Whether country cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, salad cucumbers or boiled cucumbers – with this simple recipe you can make delicious mustard cucumbers.

Canned fruits and vegetables last much longer.

Canned fruits and vegetables last much longer. © Dominique Neißner

Many hobby gardeners look forward to harvest season, when the herbs, fruits and vegetables they have grown themselves are finally ripe and ready to be harvested. However, you often bring in such large amounts of yield that you can’t consume everything at the right time.

If stored optimally (cool and dark), cucumbers will keep for several days, but lose their freshness and flavor over time. In addition, they not only taste good in salads, but can be used in other ways and at the same time can be made to last longer.

For example, how about a quick and easy recipe for mustard pickles? They are not only healthy, but can also be used in many dishes. They do hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, potato salad, solyanka, herring fillets/meats or potatoes and quark. Of course, you can only use them as a snack between meals.

Pickled mustard cucumbers: recipe

For pickled cucumbers, apart from the ingredients, kitchen utensils like a sharp knife, cutting board, pot, measuring cup, kitchen scale and some jars should be provided.

Glasses should be thoroughly rinsed with vinegar before use to prevent bacterial contamination on the one hand and to extend lifespan on the other.

In addition to mustard cucumbers, there are also pickles, cucumbers and pickles, each of which is prepared differently.

In addition to mustard cucumbers, there are also pickles, cucumbers and pickles, each of which is prepared differently. © 123rf / Fuzullhanum

Mustard Pickles Recipe | ingredients

The ingredients given make about eight glasses of 250 milliliters each:

  • 2 kg of cucumbers
  • 400 ml of white wine vinegar
  • 400 ml of water
  • 50 g of mustard seeds
  • 50 grams of peppercorns
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 3 spoons of salt
  • 2 onions
  • dill

Mustard Pickles Recipe | the preparation

1. Step: Cucumbers are washed well, peeled and cut into slices or small pieces. Depending on your preference, the cores can also be removed.

2. Step: Peel the onions and cut them into small circles.

3. Step: Cucumber slices, onion rings and dill are now layered in jars.

4. Step: Bring the water, vinegar, mustard and peppercorns, sugar and salt to a boil in a saucepan and simmer for about three to five minutes.

5. Step: Hot beer is poured directly into the jars over the cucumbers, leaving about half an inch of space at the rim. Close the jars tightly and turn them upside down.

Pickling mustard cucumbers: tips and improvements

Mustard cucumbers do not taste like mustard at all, but sweet and sour.

Mustard cucumbers do not taste like mustard at all, but sweet and sour. © 123RF / Sheith

1. Tip: Before consumption and for optimal taste, jars of cucumbers should be stored in a cool, dark place for several weeks so that the cucumbers mature properly. Stored and sealed properly, mustard cucumbers will keep for about a year.

2. Tip: If you want the cucumbers to be a little softer, you can let them boil in the fourth step. They are then poured into glasses and poured with spiced water.

3. Tip: Garlic, thyme, ginger, coriander or honey give mustard cucumbers a particularly aromatic note. Depending on your preference, these ingredients can be added to the glasses.

4. Tip: Cucumber chunks are made even spicier if sprinkled with salt and left to simmer for about an hour before bottling.

5. Tip: Sugar should not be substituted in this recipe for pickles as it serves not only as a spice but also as a preservative.

6. Tip: If you use boiled cucumbers to prepare mustard pickles, they must be peeled. Because the peel can be prickly and inedible.

7. Tip: Incidentally, many other types of vegetables can also be preserved in this way, for example zucchini, peppers, carrots or corn.

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Cover photo: Dominique Neißner

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