Sorrel salad: vegan recipe with strawberries

You can harvest sorrel on your next walk. We will show you what to watch out for and how to prepare a delicious strawberry sorrel salad.

How to harvest sorrel for your salad

You find sorrel, a weed belonging to the knotweed family, in many meadows. Just take a closer look next time you’re out in nature. The main harvest time is from spring to July.

You can tell sorrel by its elongated, lanceolate leaves. These grow from the ground in a rosette shape. In the flowering period, between May and June, you can easily distinguish sorrel. During this time, long panicles with inconspicuous reddish flowers are pushed up to a meter high from the ground.

If the meadows are public, you can harvest some leaves for your salad. Choose only as much as you need. This allows the plants to grow back in peace. Of course, you don’t have to harvest the main ingredient for your delicious summer salad from private property.

If the sorrel leaves are still very small, it is better to let them grow a little longer. You can harvest the leaves from a diameter of about ten centimeters. Sorrel has a bitter taste. You can balance this in your vegan salad with the sweetness of the strawberries and dressing.

By the way: The earlier in the year, the lower the risk of sorrel leaves tasting too bitter or sour.

Vegan Strawberry Sorrel Salad Recipe

You can harvest your own sorrel and strawberries in the summer.
You can harvest your own sorrel and strawberries in the summer.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / planet_fox)

Have at the beginning of summer Strawberry their peak season. Combine the sorrel harvest with a trip to the strawberry field. If possible, pay attention to organic quality with strawberries. This is how you support an agriculture that is based on chemical-synthetics PESTICIDES is avoided and thus protects the environment and health.

This is how you prepare a delicious summer salad from your own harvested ingredients.

Sorrel salad with strawberries

  • Preparation: about 15 minutes
  • The crowd: 1 portion(s)