Stale Bread Recipes: Bruschetta and More – Quick and Easy

Do you still have dry bread left over from breakfast or a barbecue? Instead of throwing it away, make it even better with these great recipes.

Meatloaf, French toast or bread dumplings would not taste as good if they were made with fresh rolls. The stronger the baked goods, the better. So if one end of the baguette is left over and dried out, use it as inspiration for the menu. It’s still versatile and very good for the trash can. Because it should only be entered if it is moldy. Then there is no use just cutting off the visibly affected part. All bread is then inedible. However, if it is only made solid, it may no longer be suitable as bread and butter, but it is certainly still an ingredient for other dishes.

Poor knights remember childhood
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Stale bread: recipe for poor knights

It is assumed that the Romans already knew how to prepare a dish similar to the “poor knight”. Beat an egg with milk and put slices of dry white bread in it until it is saturated with the mixture. Then fry them in a pan and serve them with sugar and cinnamon.

French toast tastes great in the morning

French toast tastes great in the morning
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Great for breakfast: French toast made from stale bread

French toast is made according to the same principle. The bread doesn’t have to be old for this, but it doesn’t hurt either. Typical accompaniments to this dish are fruit and cream or the sweet and salty combination of maple syrup and bacon.

Bread dough is easy to make yourself

Bread dough is easy to make yourself
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Practical: turn stale bread into breadcrumbs

On the other hand, what can only be done with properly dried baked goods are breadcrumbs or bread. For this, stale bread is cut into pieces and chopped in a blender or food processor. In this way, stale bread becomes an ingredient in itself, indispensable for certain dishes: such as Wiener Schnitzel. Bread can be stored in crumb form for several weeks if – in this case – stored in an airtight container.

Caesar salad is a great summer lunch

Caesar salad is a great summer lunch
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Caesar salad with croutons

Only with croutons: Even a classic version of a Caesar salad cannot do without stale bread. Without the toasted cubes, the romaine lettuce and parmesan creation would be missing a component. Other variations of salads or soups can also be prepared quickly and easily with croutons: Cut dry white bread into cubes, season to taste and fry in oil in a pan or in the oven.

Italian feeling at the kitchen table: panzanella

Italian feeling at the kitchen table: panzanella
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Italian bread salad recipe: panzanella

Italian bread salad, called panzanella salad, can be prepared in different ways with yesterday’s bread: you can soak pieces of it in water or fry cubes with fat in a pan. Then add tomatoes, onions, herbs and other fresh ingredients as desired and coat the salad with vinegar and oil.

That's how successful bread dumplings are

That’s how successful bread dumplings are
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Loaves of bread made from stale bread

As the name suggests, the bread roll is of crucial importance for making bread rolls. That’s why you can buy so-called “Knödelbrot” (knödelbrot) in the southern German homeland of this dish, namely a package of dried and crushed bread. Flavored with parsley and onion and mixed with eggs and milk, traditional dumplings are made.

Nice and hearty: meatloaf is a traditional German dish

Nice and hearty: meatloaf is a traditional German dish
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Meatloaf: How to make it with stale bread

If you add minced meat to these ingredients, you are already in the next recipe: meatloaf. The older and firmer the piece of bread, the better the consistency. You can get really creative with this dish and experiment with different spices or additional ingredients like sundried tomatoes.

Like meatballs, meatballs, also known as meatballs or meatballs, become even fluffier if the ground meat mixture is enriched with soaked breadcrumbs before frying.

Sweets can also be created from stale bread

Sweets can also be created from stale bread
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Delicious dessert: Kirschmichel made from old slices of white bread

On the basis of “old bread slices soaked in egg milk” various sweet bread pans can be created and taken out of the oven, which are known, for example, as Kirschmichel (with cherry) or Pyre (with apple). Other types of fruit, such as plums, are also suitable for dessert.

Similarly, you can make a delicious bread casserole: alternately placing slices of bread and vegetables such as tomatoes or spinach, brush everything with a mixture of milk, eggs, cheese and spices – and then throw it in the oven.

French fries are easy to make

French fries are easy to make
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Small snack: This is how you make your own French fries

You can also turn stale bread into a snack in the oven: cut it into thin slices, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with spices to taste. Spread the slices on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake until they turn into breadcrumbs.

Strawberry Mousse: Delicious recipe with only three ingredients

Strawberry Mousse: Delicious recipe with only three ingredients
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