Stuffing salad recipe: This is also suitable as a main course

A big salad is a good quick main dish, especially in summer. Here’s a vegan recipe for a filling salad.

Are you hungry but need it fast? You can make a delicious, filling salad in just fifteen minutes, and with the right ingredients in the recipe, it doubles as a main course.

For a main course, add protein and carbs to the salad recipe. Our recipe contains Tempeh as a source of protein as well stove noodles – Gluten-free Japanese noodles made from buckwheat – as a healthy carb. You can buy soba noodles at most health food stores or Asian grocery stores.

Be as careful as possible when buying the ingredients for the main course salad recipe organic quality. You are supporting a more ecologically sustainable agriculture that carefully treats the natural resources of the earth and, for example, chemical-synthetic ones PESTICIDES gave up. Organic seals from demeter, organic soil AND natural soil, as they require stricter criteria than the EU organic seal. Also prefer regional and seasonal foods.

Main course salad: A simple recipe

Soba noodles and tempeh add substance to our filling salad recipe.
Soba noodles and tempeh add substance to our filling salad recipe.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Takedahrs)

Salad with tempeh noodles and soba

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • Cooking/baking time: about 5 minutes
  • The crowd: 1 portion(s)