THIS is the “eternal prince’s” favorite dish – and this is how you cook it

King Charles' favorite dish is quite modest.
King Charles’ favorite dish is quite modest. Imago/ZumaWire Instagram/clarencehouse

Charles was considered the eternal prince of Great Britain. After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday evening, the 73-year-old has yet to ascend the throne in full personal mourning and carry out his first official duties. With the new role, of course, the already great public interest in Charles, who was known as King Charles III, increases again. will be called. Of course, the cult that surrounds his person also includes the matter of his favorite food. No need to speculate because you can find it on the new king’s Instagram page. It’s Baked Eggs With Cheese – Here’s How To Make Them!

Ingredients for King Charles’ favorite dish: Baked eggs with cheese

For one serving of King Charles’ favorite food you need 1 egg, 35 grams of hard soft cheese (such as a Reblochon or a well-ripened Camembert), 15 grams of grated hard cheese (eg Parmesan), 100 grams of fresh spinach, 80 milliliters of whipped cream, 2 cherry tomatoes, a little basil, a little butter – if desired, a little smoked bacon. Also: salt and pepper.

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A little less cheesy than the King Charles version: eggs stuffed with cheese.
A little less cheesy than the King Charles version: eggs stuffed with cheese. Imago/Panthermedia

Recipe for King Charles’s favorite dish: baked eggs with cheese

Here’s how it works: First, butter a small casserole dish and top with fresh spinach.

Then quarter the cherry tomatoes and place them on top of the spinach.

Now wrap the soft cheese around the tomatoes, place the basil leaves on top and, if you want meat in the dish, add the smoked bacon. Now season everything with salt and pepper.

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Then the egg is used. Just beat it in the middle of the pan. Then pour the cream into the pan, taking care not to break the egg yolk.

Finally, sprinkle everything with the hard cheese and place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees above/below for 8 to 10 minutes.

Then let the poached egg and cheese cool for a few minutes and then you can enjoy King Charles III’s favorite dish. enjoy that too.

Enjoy your meal!

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