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One thing is clear: the chicken and the egg simply belong together, and in any case, eggs (including chickens, of course) are one. delightful delicacy with many options. Fried, stir-fried, boiled, hidden, baked – there are no limits to your culinary imagination.

chicken or egg? This ancient philosophical question seems now also resolved: The egg came first. A philosopher, a scientist and a chicken farmer have come to this conclusion, as can be read in serious media. Eggs existed long before chickens existed, but they certainly weren’t chicken eggs.


yolk, albumen and shellshining in many shades of color from white, brown, green to blue, are the individual components of Universal Eggs. During the day she makes her first big appearance as a breakfast egg in various disguises, because eggs are convincing in any collection state and leave room for inspiration. And they are always good for surprises and are presented in top form as omelettes of all kinds, perfectly combined with vegetables and meat and are also true citizens of the world, for example in the Israeli “Sashuka” or “Oeufs en Meurette” french. . With many types of pasta and pasta dishes – from egg custard to egg dumplings – the egg plays a key role in consistency and taste. And then there is the repertoire of baked goods, for which it is versatile “Eggs” an indispensable ingredient it is.

Easter eggs!

Once a year, the eggs actually hatch. Because Easter without eggs just doesn’t work. At least this is the case in large parts of Europe. Brightly colored Easter eggs not only look good, they’re beautiful too symbol for life, its beginning and also of spring. The egg at the beginning of many things: a pleasant thought.

We have for you three separate cookbooks selected, in which eggs play the main roles, and two recipes from each book are included, so that you will feel the desire to integrate eggs into your menu this year at Easter or throughout the year. You will be surprised what is possible with the egg.

Good luck!

Eggs à la carte - Various recipes from around the world

© Sieveking Verlag

Luc Hoornaert

Eggs à la carte – Various recipes from around the world

Photos by Kris Vlegels. Translated by Barbara Buchwalter and Ira Wilhelm
Sieveking Verlag, Munich
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-944874-80-7
€34.00 (D) | €35.00 (A)

Eggs are culinary cosmopolitans. And at least since Luc Hoornaert compiled excellent egg recipes from around the world in his wonderful book Ei á la carte, it has also been documented. The food writer has compiled recipes from many top chefs from England, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey and Iran, and photographer Kris Vlegels has put himself on the stage in a luxurious and magnificent way. Eggs for every taste and for every time of the day: Whether eggs benedict, truffle omelette or golden eggs, sophisticated desserts such as opera, baklava and fruity lemon tartlets or cocktails such as absinthe Suissesse and whiskey sour – everything is possible.

egg stories

These recipes are peppered with surprising stories, interesting facts and curiosities about eggs. Do you know what connects the goddess of returning light, Ostera, and the Easter Bunny? Are Chinese pidan eggs a hundred or a thousand years old? How did ekleri get its name – lightning? An extra class book and recipes, not just for Easter.

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Egg yolk - chicken incredible recipes

© Ars vivendi Verlag

Leah Linster/Peter Gaymann

Egg yolk – chicken incredible recipes

Ars vivendi publisher
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-86913-426-0
€24.90 (D) / €25.60 (A)

Not only the egg likes to have unusual partners sometimes. The book by Luxembourgish chef Léa Linster and designer and illustrator Peter Gaymann is also an unusual pairing. The chef’s clever recipes are given a special garnish with Peter Gaymann’s clever chicken drawings. Of course there are recipe photos too.

In this beautiful book, the unusual duo have presented many easy-to-cook recipes involving chicken and eggs. Léa Linsters presents familiar and lesser-known dishes such as fried eggs, cold chicken with lemon mayonnaise, asparagus with spinach and poached eggs, chicken in cinnamon sauce or a classic cream. The extraordinary culinary art of the chef is a great relationship, accompanied by PeterGaymann’s famous chickens.

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© Pustet Verlag

Taliman Sluga

The Austrian Egg Cookbook

Pustet Verlag, Salzburg
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-7025-1048-0
€22 –

After lamb, beer and beans, Taliman Sluga turns to the egg just in time for Easter 2022. In this book, the “Eggsperte” examines the egg as an indispensable staple food and examines it from many angles. The cultural aspect is especially exciting, from the many legends and customs to the real art. Here the list extends from jeweler Fabergé’s famous eggs to Salvador Dalí and the designer’s “Egg Chair” furniture.

Egg Art and Cooking

But of course recipes also belong in a cookbook, and the book brings together an excellent selection of Austrian and international dishes – from eggs as the main ingredient, from breakfast to dinner, to “eggs” in many meal combinations.

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