Which pumpkin is suitable for what

A large orange wooden pumpkin points the way: in the middle of Ampelbronn, invisible from the B465, is the golfer’s family pumpkin heaven. The sale has been going on for a good week and fruit vegetable lovers know that this is where they will find perhaps the largest selection of edible and decorative pumpkins in the region.

    Very trendy: white pumpkins.
Very trendy: white pumpkins. (Photo: Katrin Bölstler)

More than 150 old and new varieties are available for sale in the pumpkin paradise. Although the season has just begun, several thousand pumpkins are already waiting to be cooked, mashed or chopped. Because what not many people know yet: pumpkin is suitable for much more than just soup or decoration.

Player Angela shows an elongated pumpkin with dark green stripes, washed with light yellow and light green. “It’s a spaghetti squash,” she explains, taking one.

When cooked, the pulp separates into fibers that look like spaghetti, hence the name.

Player Angela

If you want to lose weight with the help of a low-carb diet, you will find many recipes with this type of pumpkin on the Internet.

prescription cards

There are also individual recipe cards between the individual pumpkins that give hints as to what delicious things you can make with which variety. For those who have never ventured beyond Hokkaido, the farmer recommends trying either a nutmeg or butternut squash.

    These Muskade squashes have a delicate orange flesh and go well with anything.
These Muskade squashes have a delicate orange flesh and go well with anything. (Photo: Katrin Bölstler)

These two varieties also come in bright colors ranging from a dark or pastel green to various shades of orange. “Both are sweet and have a very good taste,” reveal the players. She makes butternut squash jams, cakes and casseroles, and also likes to make nutmeg salads. Since she is on site most of the time, visitors can ask her for advice anytime.

    Rondini should only be boiled for a few minutes in salted water and that's it.
Rondini should only be boiled for a few minutes in salted water and that’s it. (Photo: Katrin Bölstler)

If you want it really easy, grab the basket of small round Rondini: These just need to be boiled in salted water for a few minutes – ready. Then just open the pumpkin, put some herb salt or cream cheese on it and enjoy. “So if you can boil water, you’ll have a simple meal here,” she says with a wink. Some visitors simply take 20 of them with them.

Good harvest this year

Although there has been so little rain, the yield of pumpkins is very good. The weather was ideal, says the player, very warm and then a bit of rain in between. Therefore, some varieties ripen much earlier than usual this year.

And this year all the varieties I planted have come up a little. Climate change is evident.

Player Angela

Most pumpkins are sold by family players in the week before Halloween. While the American festival did not play a big role in Upper Swabia a few years ago, now there is a real rush at the end of October. There is also a special type of pumpkin for painting or carving. The farmer is also always very happy when visitors arrive at the decorative gourds. “It makes no sense to get some plastic decorations from China in the fall, when something so beautiful grows in our region and is available for little money.”

    The choice is vast in pumpkin heaven.
The choice is vast in pumpkin heaven. (Photo: Katrin Bölstler)

By the way: small pumpkin cats are almost always present among the pumpkins. They lie asleep in the straw among the pumpkins and wait to be petted. “Even here in the village there are so many children who have no contact with animals and therefore are afraid of dogs and cats. Here they can pet the cats and see how sweet they are,” the player explains of their idea. The exhibit and sale are open daily until early/mid November until the frost sets in.

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